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Using If . . . then Statements

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Tips for Making Changes in 2017

“ “USING ‘IF … THEN …”
By Herbert Jay Rosenfield, ACSW, LCSW, BCD
When I was a UMass undergraduate, my
favorite course was “Computer Programming”.
On crutches that winter for an intra-mural touch
football injury, I happily hobbled my way to
the Engineering computer lab across campus to
leave my key-punch cards — with “Do loops”.
“Go To statements” and “If …,then …”
Commands — for the grad students to run.

Last week, I read in Psychology Today that the
UMass programming tool also works on our
brain’s computer. Using “IF …., THEN …”
statements, we are better able to take out the
selective thinking and the excuse-making out of
our loop. My list of “IF…. THEN….” changes

  1.  IF it is time at arise, THEN I will do my 10
    minutes of Mindfulness Meditation and 10
    minutes of exercises [to maintain the success of
    my 2010 total hip replacement surgery.]
  2.  IF I am taking my morning medication and
    vitamins, THEN I will take them with 12 ounces
    of cold water [to begin to hydrate myself and to
    get my metabolism going to warm up the H2O.]
  3.  IF my wife, Linda, goes to the gym, THEN I will
    spend an hour on the workout equipment in our
    basement [instead of my watching another sports
    show or playing another computer game.]
  4. IF it is time for a meal, THEN I will drink a glass
    of cold water first [continuing hydration, assisting
    digestion, and reducing my volume of calories by
    feeling satiated sooner.]

Perhaps you will join me in using this real brain-tool to ‘DO’ changes you’ve procrastinated or
have been unable to follow through consistently?
IF we use these tools, THEN 2017 will be an
even better year for ourselves and our families!.
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