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Ten Commandments of Successful Parenting


From CARING PARENTS:  A Guide to Successful Parenting

A book, in progress, by Herbert Jay Rosenfield, ACSW, LCSW, BCD


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  1. You shall raise your child, firstly, as a ‘human being’ and, secondly, as a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’!
  2. You shall build your child’s self-esteem -- through appropriate praise, attention, and encouragement
  3. You shall give your child gradual independence -- through appropriate opportunities for growth, exploration, and experimentation!
  4. You shall give your child comfortable boundaries – by age-appropriate limits which are clearly state and consistently applied!
  5. You shall give your child an understanding of his feelings -- through opportunities and assistance to express his own feelings verbally!
  6. You shall teach you child healthy attitudes and factual information about ‘human sexuality’ in an age-appropriate and sensitive manner!
  7. You shall teach your child to be responsible to others beyond himself -- by age-appropriate opportunities to be a contributing member of the family!
  8. You shall demonstrate respect for your child by the manner in which you act to and speak to her!
  9. You shall assist your child to attain a ‘balanced lifestyle’ by exposure to and encouragement to participate in a variety of interest areas and activities!
  10. You shall teach you child how to behave by your own ‘role-modeling’, communicating positive expectations by example!

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I recently have observed that there are significant parallels between the five different paradigms I have learned or created and I have shared with clients to help define “healthy settings” and “healthy behaviors” in parenting, self-esteem development, friendship and love relationships, employment settings, and in stress-reduction interventions. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised, since we human beings have certain needs that we deserve to have met, regardless of the setting or the nature of the relationship.


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Herb Rosenfield, LCSW


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